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Post  Silver on October 20th 2012, 11:26 am

You may be having some problems finding out what topics go where, so I'll help you with that!

The first 4 categories are not available for you to post in, except for the fourth one, there you can introduce yourself to the pack. The others contain Rules, Updates, and Questions

In the pack central, just about anything pack related goes there, try not to post help topics there, most wouldn't expect help threads there, but in The School For Pups, category. That category is just the Help section, you can post your questions there.

The Mating Grounds is where you find your pack mate, try not to be a sexual person okay, we don't want Roleplay there.

The Pack Training is, as stated below:
Silver wrote:Simply, this is just a little training session.

Here you can learn what it's like to be in the pack.

Simple Roleplay, you can train in fighting, hunting, and more.
Overall this is probably just a Roleplay for young wolves.

The Outskirts is where all Off Topic posts go. This includes topics about random things in Feral Heart and pictures of your dog. So in general you can just about talk about anything there.

General Roleplay is simply the pack Roleplay, on the forums. Adventurous Roleplay consists of Hunting, Venturing, and invading another territory, or some other reason to leave the territory.

There you have it, just where everything should go.
Thanks for checking this out!

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